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Welcome to the Society for Anomalous Studies

Paranormal Investigations and Research

Presentations, Fundraising and Education

Welcome to the website of the Society for Anomalous Studies.  We are a cooperative of experienced paranormal investigators, founded in 2011, who together have spent years exploring the mysteries of the paranormal and unexplained. We are based in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

From penitentiaries, colleges, hospitals to historic homes and businesses, the Society for Anomalous Studies (SAS) has investigated many reportedly haunted locations not only in Wisconsin and Illinois but in many other states in the country.

On this website you can learn about our approach to the paranormal, our mission to support the preservation of historic properties, get a taste of the evidence we capture and read about some of our unique research.

SAS uses an objective approach to investigations. We observe, engage and document during our investigation in an attempt to capture tangible evidence of the paranormal.  Best practices, as well as established protocols, are in place to insure we run clean investigations that are documented via multiple audio and video devices. We do prudently use a large variety of equipment, follow a planned investigation and upon obtaining possible evidence, peer review it  to help insure it's validity.

For the past 9 of our 12 years as a group, we have almost exclusively done investigation at historical locations. Based on these investigations and research, SAS has developed programs for presentations at schools, conferences, libraries and other venue. We also work with historical societies and others who care for historical properties to develop and carry out paranormal themed, fundraising events. The proceeds for these events goes to the organizations to support their preservation work. Please visit our Fundraising or 2023 Presentation Requests pages for more information.  


While we seldom do investigations of private homes, we may consider a request for a serious investigation of a private location if approached by the property owner. Those requesting a private home investigation will be asked to fill out a question set so we can determine if the investigation is one we would take on. Please see our Investigation Request page for more information.

If you have any question about anything you see on our webpage or questions about the paranormal and paranormal research, please feel free to Contact Us.

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12 Years of Investigations and Community Service

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