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Fundraising Through the Paranormal

Working with Historical Societies, Schools, Libraries and other Organizations

A fun and exciting way to raise money for your organization

Participants from a fundraising ghost hunt in Milton, Wisconsin

Fundraising Opportunities in 2023


Every year historically significant properties are left abandoned to fall into disrepair or worst yet, demolished. Time and time again local volunteer come together to save these irreplaceable historical gems before they are lost to our communities. Organizations that take on the care of these properties must find the funding to pay for restoration and constant up keep. SAS is dedicated to supporting historical societies and other stewards of historically significant properties by partnering with these organizations to offer unique and custom designed paranormal theme presentations, tours, investigations and events.


SAS has partnered with historical societies and stewards of historical properties over the years to investigate their historical sites and buildings then turn the results of these investigations into programs they can offer their patrons and the public. These collaborations have proven successful for both SAS as a way of expanding our research and to these organizations as lucrative fundraising events.

By combining our years of experience as paranormal investigators, a large, cutting edge arsenal of paranormal research equipment,  and professional presentation experience with a location's history and stories, SAS in partnership with these organizations have successfully developed and executes tours, public investigations and paranormal presentations unique to the property.

The SAS team has done just such events in grand, historical home museums that have priceless collections throughout their properties. In developing these programs we are devoted to the safeguard and respect of the historical properties and collections, location history, property stories and staff.  We carefully work with each organization to make sure the investigations, presentation and any other events are positive in nature and show utmost respect for the property and organization.


We are always open to new ideas for fundraising events when working with organizations.  But over the years we have found several events that have proven successful and offer these as a starting point when considering what might work as an event for a specific locations.


A historical society or organizations could host an Evening with the Society for Anomalous Studies. This event is a 1 ½ to 2 hour power point/lecture presentation.  During it we talk about how we approach paranormal investigations, show the equipment and techniques we use and finally show some compelling evidence we have captured. Our past experience with doing this presentation has been very successful.


The evidence collected from an investigation of a property, conducted by the SAS team accompanied by a few staff members, would be turned into a one of a kind presentation that could be presented as a fundraising event. The presentation would be much like the General Ghost Hunting Presentation but be specific to the aforementioned investigation. It would shows how SAS went about the investigation and reveals what was found after the data analysis. Because of the labor required to review data and develop a presentation, at the very minimum six weeks is needed between the investigation and the presentation.


This program gives an organization's patrons and the public the opportunity to be a part of a real ghost hunt guided by SAS team members. In this approach, individuals purchase tickets to go on an organized ghost hunt.  Participants are divided into teams and rotated through stations throughout the night. Each station, which is manned by an SAS member, will focus on a different part of the property and each use different types of paranormal equipment and techniques. Participants are allowed to use equipment from our large collection.  Later after we have completed the data analysis and developed a reveal presentation, these participants come back to attend a presentation of the data collected during their investigations. This presentation can be open to the public for additional fundraising.  This type of event is very popular but requires the SAS to first do a private investigation to attempt to collect  data but more importantly to get the flow of the property so they can design an efficient and safe public investigation. A time line of at least six weeks again is needed between the public investigation and the actual presentation.


SAS has developed, in conjunction with other organizations, paranormal themed tour of historical buildings and locations. This tour is based on evidence SAS  obtained from private investigations of the historical location. Combined with stories of the location's haunted history, guest visit SAS staffed stations throughout the property to learn about the haunted history, investigation evidence and experiences that happened in that station.

Dinners with the Dead is a fun and interactive format where your locations sets up a dinner and SAS is the paranormal entertainment for the evening offering stories from our archive of investigations, personal experiences and actual paranormal evidence the guest can hear and see.


SAS is a paranormal research group dedicated to exploring the mysteries of the paranormal. Having the opportunity to do investigations at a variety of historical locations advances our knowledge of this interesting field. While we do not charge for our services as investigators, we do charge a reasonable fee for some of our classes, events and presentations to help pay for our website and other administrative cost.  We do ask that in exchange for our investigations, data analysis and reveal report services we be allowed to present evidence we do find during the investigation at our classes and presentation.  The investigation’s location and client’s name are never revealed unless we are given written permission to release this information.


SAS has established working relationship with local historical societies but is open to working with other organizations in the same capacity. SAS only takes on two to three of these events a year and generally starts planning for these events early in the year. If your organizations has a historical property that may have a haunted history and could benefit from our services please contact us. Information about our how SAS can develop a specific fundraising program for your organizations as well as references and recommendations are available upon request.

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