Investigations and Consultation Requests



If you have had a paranormal, ufo or cryptozoological experience the SAS offers free consultations via phone or email.  From our years spent working with experiencer we realize that events of this nature can be mystifying and at times frightening. A consultation can offer suggestions and guidance to assist you as you try to make sense of your experience.  You can be assured that all information you provide to the SAS will remain confidential. This is a free service.



For the SAS, investigations are a serious commitment.  A large inventory of professional equipment is utilized for each investigation. Hours will be spent not only on the investigation but before and after with essential research and analysis. For this reason the SAS will consider only serious requests for investigations. 


SAS investigations are objective and are conducted in a controlled manner with a custom investigation plan developed for each unique locations and set of circumstances.  Our focus at an investigation is to observe and document what is normal along with any equipment data, experiences or interactions that are outside of what is normal. Later we offer what we have found or not found to our clients so they can determine what they would like to do next regarding their experiences.


We do not cleanse, clear or exorcise properties or individuals. We will although refer those who are looking for services like cleansing out to others who specialize in that sort of work.  Investigations the SAS commits to are done free of charge.  


Download our Investigation Process form by clicking the button.   This document will explain what to expect with a SAS investigation.  





To request a consultation or investigation, ask a question or share a story, please go to our  contact        page. Fill out the contact form and click send.  A representative of the SAS will email you back shortly. 


The SAS does hold the right to refuse to proceed with any consultation or investigations if we feel the location is unsafe, outside of our scope of practice or the claims are knowingly fraudulent.  This rejection could be related to, but not restricted to fraud, illegal drug use, violence, and unsanitary conditions.