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Our Approach

The SAS Approach to Investigations into the Paranormal


Like most paranormal research groups, the SAS uses a wide variety of equipment during investigations.  While we use this equipment to look for unusual readings that coincide with anomalous experiences or to capture possible audio, photographic or video evidence, this is only one aspect of a SAS investigation.  Only after considering all the different parts of the paranormal experience - the objective evidence as well as the physical, emotional and spiritual components- do we feel we can begin to understand these mysterious and uniquely human events.  


The accurate use of environmental equipment, the prudent application of experimental techniques, and applying exclusive strategies to explore the unconscious mind and human interaction with anomalous activity are all important parts of SAS investigations.

Specialized investigation plans designed for each location.


For each investigation we conduct, an individualized investigation plan is developed that is designed specifically for that location.  It is based on the client's interviews, their anwers to an extensive question set, their and other witnesses experiences, the history of the location, and location and environmental considerations. 


These location and environmental consideration are developed after obtaining environmental baseline readings to determine what is normal for the location.  This understanding may come through environmental and geological research and monitoring of the location,  understanding the makeup of the location from heating and cooling to noise and light infiltration, to conducting sound-scapes recordings to understand what are normal sounds for the location.


Aside from having a wide variety of equipment we can utilize during investigations, we also employ various techniques to attempt to draw out possible anomalous interaction.


Two techniques that are unique to our group is first, the use of team members who act out scenarios that are based on the phenomena that has been experienced as well as the history of a location. Our hope is that by providing a story line that is relevant to the time and place appropriate to the location's haunted history, we will elicit some sort of paranormal interaction. We playfully started calling ourselves the Paranormal Players and the name stuck.

The second technique is one we are calling Sustained Spirit Communications. We have been working with audio techniques that have allowed some long, detailed and location specific communications through the manipulation of white noise scans and phoneme banks. We have worked with these techniques for the past three years and are presently developing research projects to further test the capacities and validity of the responses we have captured.

Review and Evidence

The onsite investigation is only one part of the total picture when it comes to paranormal research.  Many hours are spent after an investigation reviewing audio, video, photographs, environmental readings and data collected from specialized equipment. Any potential evidence is compared to investigation paperwork, notes that are taken throughout an investigation and against other data which has been collected. Evidence is peer reviewed within the group and at times sent out to consultants.  A final report with any evidence of interest is written up and this along with any visual, audio, photographic or other type of evidence is presented to the client at a reveal.


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