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      2023 Presentation Requests

SAS is sought after to present at paranormal conferences, schools, libraries and other organizational events. The group's investigations have also been featured in newspapers and SAS members have been guests on local radio and television. And because SAS is an active paranormal investigation group we are always adding new and exciting evidence to our archives that we share at these presentations.


Over the years SAS has developed several paranormal programs including Historical Hauntings about our investigations into historical properties and our popular Investigating the Paranormal program that explores ghost hunting history, techniques, equipment and evidence captured. We also offer our presentation, SAS's Haunted Road Trips where we will share stories, experiences and evidence the team has captured from their travels and investigations to the most haunted locations throughout the United States.  This program is ever changing as we investigate new haunted locations every year.

Each presentation is approximately a 1 ½ to 2 hour power point/lecture presentation.  During these presentation we talk about the many places we have investigated, how we approach paranormal investigations, show the equipment and techniques we use and finally show new and our best archived evidence we have captured. Our past experiences with doing these types of presentations has been very successful. While SAS does not charge for our services as investigators in paranormal investigations, we do charge a reasonable fee for our classes, non-fundraising events and the above mentioned presentations. This funding support our work as a group and helps pay for our website and other administrative costs.


If your group or organization is interested in an SAS presentation please contact us well before the fall season for availability and fees.

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