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Sensor array
EMF meters and different sensors
Video and photography
Pam using XCam SLS
Randy using VR Ghostbox
Audio equipment and communication boxes
Karen using Ovilus 5B
Unloading equipment

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SAS is pleased to have a large arsenal of equipment in which to explore claims of the paranormal. The team uses a variety of environmental equipment; traditional, IR and full spectrum cameras and camcorders; IR and full spectrum DVR cameras and equipment; audio recorders, random event generators and experimental equipment designed specifically for paranormal investigations.


What equipment is used and how it is used is based on the investigation location, reported phenomena and what is specified in the investigation plan.


Michelle using the VR Ghostbox
Dr Dreamy
HTO Detection System
Stick Figure
Spirit Box

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The structure of an investigation plan will allow for different techniques to be use during a controlled investigation session that go beyond standard EVP and vigil sessions. The intention of these techniques are to increase the chances for a paranormal interaction.  A few of the techniques we use may include experimental equipment, trigger objects, reenactors, the use of live music, energy work, group intention or redirection, or playing audio or video specific to the sites history or story.


As a group we are always experimenting and are willing to try new and unusual techniques.  But we also will eliminate techniques that we find ineffective or prone to error. 

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