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SAS Membership and Application

                                                       SAS MEMBERSHIP

Occasionally, SAS opens up its membership to find new investigators that can commit to doing well structured, objective investigations into the paranormal in a team environment.  Members are also required to do their share of all the work it takes to run a paranormal group, including, doing timely evidence reviews, responding back to team correspondences, following SAS methods and procedures, participating in public events and presentations and attend SAS member meetings.

Individuals who have prior paranormal investigation experience as well as those who are new to the paranormal world are welcomed to apply.

Please be sure to read our bylaws and code of ethics before you submit your application. The buttons below link to the bylaws and our jot form application for a position as a SAS Active, Onsite Investigator.


We also highly recommend that you review our website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.  Also, if possible, attend one of our pubic events to see how the group works in action.

Contact us at if you have any questions.


                                                                 WHO IS SAS

SAS is a cooperative of paranormal investigators based in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin area. SAS was founded in January of 2011 by a group of experienced paranormal investigators in hopes of creating a paranormal team that appreciated the unique skills each member brought to the group. How the group is run is based on bylaws and a code of ethics.

SAS has grown as a paranormal team in the past ten years. While we started out doing private home investigations, we soon found our niche by partnering with historical societies and owners of historical properties. We do private investigations of their properties then create paranormal themed presentations and events they  use to promote their locations, teach people about their history and raise funds to support their preservation efforts.

In addition to our preservation mission we also travel throughout the Midwest and Southern US to investigate famously haunted locations.  We are a sought after group to do paranormal presentations at libraries, schools and conferences.

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