Many of the SAS teams members have known each other for over a decade.  Participating in a variety of paranormal groups in Wisconsin and Illinois, this group of friends finally came together in 2011  to form this distinct paranormal research cooperative, the Society for Anomalous Studies. 


Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

Helen Keller





Randy, the groups director, has a long standing interest in the paranormal and has been an active investigator for years.  Randy has done investigations on aircraft carriers, the Queen Mary and other unique locations.  He is the groups go to guy for the use and interpretation of Spirit Box evidence.  He is also one of the groups main presenters during our fall season when we present the group's evidence through Power Point presentations to libraries, colleges and other venues.


Cindy’s primary concentration  had been in EVP and voice analysis. She had participated in several EVP studies, written articles and at one point she owned more the 30 different audio recorder. Today with an interest in expanded consciousness she has put her knowledge of energetic bodywork to use during investigations as a way of eliciting anomalous responses.  


Ami and her husband Mark joined our group after attending one of our Historical Haunting events.  We feel fortunate that they decided to join. Ami has proven to be a careful investigators and approaches investigation with a critical eye. With a keen interest in understanding the technical workings of paranormal equipment she has tried and tested some of the newest equipment on the market. Her serious researcher side is tempered by a great sense of humor and a passion for the arts which has led the group to expand the Paranormal Players repertoire to recently include Shakespeare.


Mark comes to the group as a scientist and engineer but also as a theologian.  This creates a combination of objectivity and compassion that is an important asset when dealing with the paranormal. His quiet, thoughtful approach is welcomed in a field that is often steeped in controversy and loud debate. Both Mark and Ami take their commitment to the group seriously and we have come to rely on them as investigators always there to help out.


Jared came into SAS from knowing Judy and he has been a dedicated member of the group since he came on board.  Always there to unload equipment, run cable, review data and pretty much run any piece of equipment we ask him to.  We currently try to always keep a camera or camcorder in Jared’s hands since, from the beginning of his time with SAS, he has seemed to have a knack for capturing strange and anomalous photographs and video. A natural born ghost hunter.


Adding new investigators to the team is not something we do very often but in the case of Michelle we jumped at the chance of having her come on board. Michelle had investigated with many SAS investigators and we already knew her to be a careful and objective investigator. With an interest in experimental audio communication Michelle skills with the SB11 have already produced some great audio captures on SAS investigations. 


Perry is a Spiritual Coach, Professional Psychic and Priest within West African Spirituality and we are fortunate to have him as paranormal investigator for SAS. His sensitivity to his surrounding, understanding of metaphysics and spirituality and inquisitive nature during investigations have been a big plus for the group. Not only has he been able to pick up details about a locations unknown to the team during an investigation but through equipment captures we have been able to validate many of his impressions.


Pam is an extraordinary paranormal investigator and a great team member. She is also a paranormal equipmentphile and enjoys trying new equipment and techniques. Aside from having a large inventory of equipment she has a deep understanding on how that equipment works and years of experience on how to use it during a paranormal investigation.  Additionally she has a deep respect for investigation protocols and procedures and looks at the investigation and resulting data with a critical eye.  A kind and conscientious person she is always looking to assist other team member and her generosity, enthusiasm and paranormal knowledge make her a natural to assist the public during our SAS events. 

Our Other Members

We would like to acknowledge our other founding members: Deb, Walt, Gloria, Heather, Tom, Chris, Judy and Dennis and also Paul who came on board in 2013  As a group we are all aware that there are life circumstances that don’t allow everyone to participate as fully as they may like at all times.  But we would like to show our respect and admiration for what these members have added to this group and look forward to our next investigations together.