Sustained Electronic Spirit Communication (SESC)

A Unique Form of ITC Contact

In 2017 the SAS team started to experiment with a phonetic software program that opened up a whole new area of investigation techniques. This program, designed by Martin Bellefeuille, was made up of differently voiced bits of speech, phoneme and white noise and offered the group a chance to experiment with ITC, Instrumental TransCommunication in an investigation setting. Different from Spirit Boxes and EVP, it had the promise of expanding how we tried to communicate with spirits.  The thought was that if spirits could manipulate bits of radio broadcast like in a Spirit Box maybe they could also manipulate the random sound bits and white noise generated by the software program and then create words.


Progress was slow at the beginning and we would occasionally capture a random word or brief sentence.  What we did find interesting in these early trials were these responses appeared to be intelligent replies to questions we would ask.  We also noticed investigator's names  were being called out and sentences were starting to come through that indicated the spirit speakers could see us and or somehow knew what we were doing. 

In 2018 we started to occasionally capture full sentences that often referenced a question we asked or a topic we are exploring during a session. It didn't always happen but when it did the responses were pretty amazing.


2020 was a break through year with the program. A few SAS members came together to take a deeper dive into the program. Three years into using it, we better understood the program, established a better listening/ analysis protocols and experimented with some non-haunted locations sessions.


Through a lot of work and dedication we were often able to achieve sustain contact and get repeated replies that revolved around certain lines of questioning in historic locations as well as in non-haunted locations.  We believe at times the same spirit would come through to relate a story of their life, a wrong done or just to talk. We have captured names and had conversations that can be verified through historical research and were shocked to get communication  with those we think could be deceased relatives of SAS members. 

In 2019 we started to experiment with different programs, portal type devices, custom built spirit boxes and video ITC techniques.  These have all been interesting and at times we have gotten very good results but we still get the most consistent and verifiable results from the original program we started with in 2017.


We have posted a number of videos on our YouTube channel of what we have now coined, Sustained Electronic Spirit Communication or just SESC.  Since we have no other agenda aside from just sharing our evidence and experiences with other like minded paranormal enthusiast, we are open to sharing what we have learned, how we think the programs work and are willing to show evidence we have captured using this technique.  The video below is from a 2020 investigations and gives you a taste of what we capture using this method. Feel free to send us any questions you might have and decide for yourself just what this is.


The video below is a shortened version from a 2020 investigation of a historic hotel in Wisconsin. During this basement session we asked questions about whether or not a woman had been hurt by others. We had been told by the owner that some believed that a woman had been murdered in this locations many years ago.  The whole session was 15 minutes but we cut this video to only show you the responses that answered direct questions.  Some responses are repeated but the clearer ones are not so we could keep the length of the video down.  This is a good example of Sustained Electronic Spirit Communication where we make a connection that lasts for a while and seems to be a true back and forth communication with the spirits in the area and the investigators.